The benefit of purchasing a used Infiniti SUV, sedan or coupe in New York City at Square One Auto is affordability – first and foremost. And while there's a whole, vibrant city to explore, you'll being doing so within renowned luxury and all those appointments encompassing.

At Square One Auto, being in the shadow of New York City is an advantage, especially considering the outright affordability of Infiniti luxury and its financing.

Square One Auto — Used Infiniti Advantages Near New York City

The price of goods across the consumer spectrum has increased greatly in recent years due to the rising cost of materials.

In the auto industry, the semiconductor chip shortage has proven hindering when it comes to new vehicle production. So, it makes sense used Infiniti models featured at Square One Auto are priced to move as soon as they hit the inventory.

What Used Infiniti Models Are Featured Near New York City at Square One Auto?

Square One Auto prides itself on a curated selection of gently used Infiniti models to choose from. And it serves as no surprise, those wishing to escape exorbitant Manhattan prices will seek out Square One Auto for better deals on affordable, Infiniti luxury SUVs, sedans and coupes.

Square One Auto has become an affordable oasis for those desiring the Infiniti models comprising our inventory below:

  • Infiniti QX50 SUVs.
  • Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 sedans.
  • Infiniti Q60 Luxe coupes.
  • Infiniti QX30 Premium SUVs.

Can I Browse Used Infiniti Models From Home in Manhattan?

By offering our extensive, used Infiniti selection within an online portal, no matter where you reside in the five boroughs everything may be browsed and researched. As well, the purchase process may be initiated with online tools to use at your leisure – whether reclining in Central Park or listening to the sounds of the financial district near Battery Park.

Here's what to expect when browsing our used Infiniti models from home in Brooklyn:

CARFAX® Vehicle-History Reports

As a tool and method, Square One Auto pays particular attention to CARFAX vehicle-history reports related to all used Infiniti models comprising the inventory. They provide insight into the following details pertaining to your used, Infiniti Q50 Luxe sedan desire:

  • Number of past owners is duly confirmed.
  • Lien history may be gleaned in entirety.
  • Statuses encompassing salvage, reconstructed and previous water damage will be reflected in CARFAX reporting.
  • Maintenance and servicing records may be referenced for a detailed understanding of those procedures needed and coming due.
  • If any, accident and collision history is an important detail of the Infiniti experience at Square One Auto.

In all, CARFAX vehicle-history reporting does much to allay concerns when purchasing a used Infiniti within reach of NYC. Trust a dealership relying heavily on such reporting for your own peace-of-mind, for New York City pauses for no one.

Customize Your Payment

In New York City, it might be difficult to customize your monthly payment at other dealerships.

At Square One Auto, you can personalize the financing arrangements related to a used, Infiniti QX30 SUV purchase. By using the drop-down menus located to the right of the selected, Infiniti model presentation pane, choose for credit rating, length of loan and amount of cash down. Add the value of a trade and then submit your offer digitally.

The very moment your deal has been reviewed, you'll receive notice on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Square One Auto — Used Infiniti Ownership Made Easy in New York City

Contact us today with any questions as to used Infiniti shopping at Square One Auto. We'll be happy to assist.