Credit is the key that unlocks doors to a better life. Good credit gets you a nice home, a nice car, and living in a nice neighborhood. But, if you land on the other side, things could get a little tougher. And I know because I've been there. Rock bottom with no help. I spent more money on rideshare programs and asked to borrow cars more times than I could count. And then it happened.

Who am I? I'm the guy in the picture. And Square One Auto helped me get the car I needed for me and my family. And they can help you, too. It's just four steps to take to get your automatic auto financing.

Step One: Assess Your Financial Situation

I wanted a new vehicle. But my budget couldn't handle it. So, I had to look at their used vehicles. And honestly, their used vehicles are just as good as the new options. But I'll get into that later. For now, just like I focused on my budget, you can take a look at yours. See how much you can afford each month. Make sure you have enough for gas, regular maintenance, and car insurance.

And it might be good to have money in your savings account, too. That's to cover the cost of auto repairs or insurance deductibles in case of an accident. How much you save is up to you. But the more, the better.

Step Two: Shop for Your Car

Now that you know your budget, it's time to shop around. Square One Auto has plenty of pre-owned vehicles in stock. Like I said before, their pre-owned cars are better than new cars at other dealerships in Rahway, NJ, and East Brunswick. They've got sporty coupes and sedans. They've got family-sized SUVs and powerful trucks.

Take a look at what they have online and schedule a test drive. Or you can make the quick trip from New York City and stop by in person. Either way, you'll have access to a high-quality inventory at the drop of a dime.

Step Three: Apply for Financing

They've helped me, so they can help you. All you've gotta do is apply online. If I didn't, I wouldn't have the keys to my pre-owned car right now. I'd still be fishing for a ride with a rideshare program. I spent enough on that alone to equal my car payment. Maybe more. They help good people that have fallen on hard times.

All it takes is the first step. You can get pre-approved from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It only takes a few minutes. So, go ahead. Take a deep breath, enter a little bit of information, and take the load off your shoulders. It worked for me, and it will work for you, too.

Step Four: Prepare Your Down Payment

I had about 10 percent of the sticker price for my down payment. It came out to be a couple thousand dollars. But that's the starting point. You can pay more, but it might hurt to pay less. The less you pay upfront, the more you pay for your vehicle. But I didn't have a vehicle to trade. If you do, that will change everything.

They'll take your trade-in and apply the value toward your new vehicle. Your old car becomes your down payment. It's a great way to sidestep that upfront cost.

Square One Auto

And that's it. Those four steps can get you closer to an auto loan with Square One Auto. Say goodbye to the rideshare programs. Say goodbye to borrowing your friend's car. And say hello to auto financing with Square One Auto. Get started today so you can drive home tomorrow.